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What does Shedman do?

He creates amazing interactive experiences, enthralling workshops and lively events that explore the place of the shed in everyone's hearts...

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Who is Shedman?

Shedman is John Davies, the writer and poet based in Brighton, England.

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Is Shedman the nutter in the shrubbery?

The Nutter in the Shrubbery
Shedman's poetry collection
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Commission Shedman
Commission Shedman
to write for your partner, or your shed. A sonnet, a love poem or an elegy. A short story or a piece of reportage. Email Shedman with your brief...

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Shedman at Ledbury Poetry Festival


Check out the weekly adventures of Shedman

Fusion Shedman! Shedman leads the Shed Trail at West Dean Garden Festival

If you've ever dreamed of a place to escape and pursue your hobbies, the innovative and quirky Shed Trail is for you. It's taking place at Fusion, West Dean's weekend of creativity 22-23 June 10.30-6.00pm. Take a peek into six unusual garden sheds and get involved with the activities inside.

Shedman invites you to his very own Poetry Shed, where you can bring your poems, anecdotes, stories, drawings, memories, fantasies and photos to create a living installation. There's also The Making Shed, The Puppet Show Shed, The Camera Shed, The Wood Shed and the Knitting Shed. Read all about it here.

Shedman wins Shedworking Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2011, Shedman was delighted ot receive Shedworking's Lifetime Achievement Award. The citation reads: 'Brighton-based John 'Shedman' Davies has been writing poetry about sheds and using sheds in his festival visits and workshops since well before Shedworking was established. Not only is he a talented writer and communicator, using sheds in the most creative way possible, but he's a delightful and thoughtful chap too.'

Many thanks to Alex Johnson and Shedworking for the award which happily coincided with Shedman's 10th birthday!

What people say about Shedman


'What Wordsworth did for daffodils, John Davies does for sheds.' Mark Lawson, Front Row, BBC Radio 4

'The LEA advisor asked me what I thought of Shedman. I explained to him that I knew you and suggested he ask the question of the next English teacher to come into the Office. Moments later, in came Sarah and when asked what she thought of Shedman, she said "Fantastic! Brilliant. One of the best writers we've ever had." Bob Walton. Bristol.

'Shedman was the outstanding hit of the Festival!' Lucy Flannery, Havant Literary Festival

'A poet who goes round the country putting up sheds where people come and talk to him... Shedman celebrates that very English phenomenon, the shed, and puts it in a global context. An endearing and eccentric look at the literary life.' John O'Donoghue Guardian Books Comment

'Just wanted to say thank you for our brilliant workshop last month....I will definitely be recommending you.' Norah Carr, Brighton & Hove Library