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What does Shedman do?

He creates amazing interactive experiences, enthralling workshops and lively events that explore the place of the shed and poetry in everyone's hearts...

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Who is Shedman?

Shedman is John Davies, the writer and poet based in Brighton, England.

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Shedman's new book

Our Storeys is a major art project at North Middlesex University Hospital, London. Lead artist Sue Ridge and poet John Davies (aka Shedman) tell the story of the project and their work in arts and healthcare using a salutogenic approach.

Critical appreciations of the project are accompanied by the poetry contributed to it by many different poets including three Laureates: Carol Ann Duffy, Andrew Motion and Michael Rosen.

Our Storeys - Art and poetry in healthcare

164 pages with full colour illustrations £12.99 plus P&P
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"The Our Storeys project at NMUH could not have happened without Shedman and his shed, questionnaires were filled in, stories unfolded and voices were writ large. The outcome was four storeys of social wallpaper combining poetry and images - a true collaboration of creativity. Our artist and poet collaborative work has now transformed into Shederama, a broader way of thinking about socially engaged practice."
Sue Ridge Artist


Is Shedman the nutter in the shrubbery?

The Nutter in the Shrubbery
Shedman's poetry collection
£6.00 plus P&P
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Some dates still avaliable for 2015

Shedman is back on the road for 2015 and still has some dates available. Don't miss your chance to put Shedman at the heart of your event of festival.

“… a sunny and totally professional presence …
On the evening before Shedman’s arrival we found a group of young people cycling around the shed like wolves round a caribou, kicking the door in and/or hiding inside, spoiling for a fight.  By the end of the week, these same young people were avid Shedman fans, writing their own poetry and trying to raise funds to buy the shed as a permanent fixture. That, to me, exemplified his patience, people skills and passion for poetry: an advocate for our times.”

Sue Stewart, Organiser, Daventry Festival (Olympiad)

Commission Shedman
Commission Shedman
to write for your partner, or your shed. A sonnet, a love poem or an elegy. A short story or a piece of reportage. Email Shedman with your brief...

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"A poet who goes round the country putting up sheds where people come and talk to him... Shedman celebrates that very English phenomenon, the shed, and puts it in a global context. An endearing and eccentric look at the literary life." John O'Donoghue Guardian Books Comment

Shedman at Ledbury Poetry Festival

Many thanks to all the photographers who have provided shots including Steve Bully and James Lewis.

What people say about Shedman

"John worked with patience and charisma to inspire students to create poetry then with great application and synthesis of vision distilled their work into a single poem which was etched into the windows of the new student building – permanently to inspire future generations."
Damian Hebron, Head of Arts Addenbrooke’s Arts, Cambridge

"The workshops were fantastic - I never imagined that anyone would get them writing poetry as enthusiastically as you did. It really did make a huge difference with the project … you had them eating out of your hand!”
Rachel Merrington Cambridge Regional College

"… His enthusiasm and engagement with audiences of all ages ensured that the event was a great success - one we hope to repeat with Shedman in the lead.”
Alison Baxter, Head of Creative Enterprise, West Dean College

“I invited Shedman to come to the little town of Herzele, where we organise every year the literary festival 'Lezen in de Lente' (Reading in Spring). Shedman made an intervention in English on the stage that surprised a lot of people. Afterwords, he interacted with the public and stimulated them to write their own poetry. That is the essential drive of Lezen in de Lente: quality and erudition, but close to the people.”
Filip De Bodt, vzw 't Uilekot, Herzele, Belgium

"What Wordsworth did for daffodils, John Davies does for sheds." Mark Lawson, Front Row, BBC Radio 4

"Shedman on the Street in Limerick was able to engage and persuade citizens of Limerick to share stories and write poems in a very personal and rewarding way. John is one of the most captivating writers and skilled communicators that any festival, community or school could invite into their lives."
Sheila Deegan, Arts Officer, Limerick City and County Council, Ireland

The LEA advisor asked me what I thought of Shedman. I explained to him that I knew you and suggested he ask the question of the next English teacher to come into the Office. Moments later, in came Sarah and when asked what she thought of Shedman, she said "Fantastic! Brilliant. One of the best writers we've ever had." Bob Walton. Bristol

"Shedman was the outstanding hit of the Festival!" Lucy Flannery, Havant Literary Festival

"Just wanted to say thank you for our brilliant workshop last month....I will definitely be recommending you." Norah Carr, Brighton & Hove Library