A day of group creative writing workshops with Shedman


Book Shedman (aka writer & poet John Davies) to run a day of poetry writing or creative writing workshops at your venue or festival. Based on a series of workshops, each up to 90 minutes long, this package is especially suitable for schools. Please advise your preferred dates by email and provide your phone number so that Shedman can call you back to confirm arrangements.

Shedman has experience running workshops in schools and colleges, care homes and hospitals, libraries and community centres, nature reserves, parks and woodlands, museums and gardens, shops and businesses, country shows and festivals—and in sheds!  With a highly proactive approach, Shedman creates engaging and encouraging workshops for people of all ages and backgrounds.

“The workshops were fantastic - I never imagined that anyone would get them writing poetry as enthusiastically as you did. It really did make a huge difference with the project, and I couldn't say anything that you could improve about your approach - you had them eating out of your hand!”
Rachel Merrington, Cambridge Regional College

Please note:
1. Maximum number of participants 16.
2. Schools often prefer class size workshops. Please discuss your needs with Shedman.
3. Please provide coffee, tea and lunch breaks.
3. All travel and sundry expenses are charged additional to the basic charge.
4. VAT is not chargeable.