Shedman installation—booking by the day


Book a Shedman installation for your event or festival. Book per day (minimum 2 days) and simply indicate days requested. Please advise your preferred dates by email and provide your phone number so that Shedman can call you back to confirm arrangements. 

Please note:
1. The organiser will need to provide a shed (8' x 6' or bigger) installed in a suitable location on a main thoroughfare with high pedestrian traffic.
2. Shedman will provide set dressing and materials appropriate for your event or festival. He can work to a specific theme if required.
3. The shed may be used as a micro-venue for other performers provided that arrangements and timings are agreed with Shedman at least 4 weeks in advance of your event.
4. If provided by a sponsor Shedman is happy to display an A4 size promotional poster on the side of the shed and leaflets about the sponsor for people to take away.
5. If donated, the shed can be raffled or auctioned over the project to raise money for a charity.
6. Removal of the shed is the responsibility of the organiser.
7. All travel and sundry expenses are charged additional to the basic daily charge.
8. VAT is not chargeable.